Each participant/vendor/organization shall holdharmless and indemnify Makamae Melia O’ Polynesia (MMOP), MMOP organizing committee, its board, officers, volunteers, and the event venue from all liability, claim or demand which liability, claim or demand may be made by reason of:

  • Any injury to persons or property sustained by any person, firm or corporation caused by any act, negligence, default or omission of the participating organization or any person, firm or corporation directly or indirectly engaged by it upon or in connection with the event, whether the injury or damage occurs at the Heiva Maohi O’ Patitifa venue, or other event related locations.

  • The furnishing of use of any copyrighted or non-copyrighted composition, secret process, patented, or non-patented invention, article, or appliance during the event.

  • The participating organizations at its own cost, expense and risk shall defend all legal proceedings that maybe brought against the committee, its board, officers and volunteers on any such liability, claim or demand and satisfy any of them whether or not the liability, claim or demand was actually or allegedly caused wholly or in part through the negligence or other implying conducts of any of them.

  • The participating organizations or individuals participants agree to allow Makamae Melia O’ Polynesia and the Heiva Maohi O’ Patitifa to use their image(s) or likeness for advertising purposes, and allows Makamae Melia O’ Polynesia and Heiva Maohi O’ Patitifa to videotape and photograph their performance or presence at the event for their archives, and use on the Heiva Maohi O’ Patitifa website, Facebook page, Instagram page and all other related media.

  • Makamae Melia O’ Polynesia will not be held responsible for any damage or lost property during the 2019 Heiva Maohi O’ Patitifa Competition or Workshop events.

The undersigned does hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the hereby releases and holds harmless Makamae Cultural Arts Studio – MMOP, Fractured Atlas, the City in which the event is being held, the venue at or in which the event is being held, all other persons associated with this event from and against any and all losses, liability, or damages arising out of, in consequence of, or resulting from negligent acts and/or omissions of the soloist and its officers, assistant, volunteer, or employees. The soloist and its officers, assistant, volunteer, or employees understand that there are certain risks associated with the production of this event and by signing this agreement, hereby assume all risks and waive and release any and all claims for damages or injuries that may arise while participating in the Event.

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